Father’s Day Gift Results in Lotto 6/49 Millions

Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are the two most popular lottery offerings when it comes to draw-based products. Winners such as Canada’s latest lotto millionaires hailing from Inwood recently bagged their CA$16 million prize. John Wright is the 88-year-old winner who received the special Lotto 6/49 ticket as a gift for Father’s Day from his daughter.

Celebrating this special holiday with loved ones is a coveted memory and tradition that many father look forward to. This year, Melissa Wright decided to give her father a gift that could possibly change his life. The 47-year-old nurse bought him a lottery ticket which ended up being a quite fortunate one, as it became eligible for the Main prize coming with the June 24 draw.
CA$16-million Jackpot

Celebrating the special day happened with the ticker for the June 24 draw that ended up winning more than expected. Along with the Main prize, this Lotto 6/49 ticket became eligible for a small win during the Encore draw coming with the regular one. This is how the jackpot itself swelled to CA$16,058.552.50, an amount that was recently bagged by the winner and his daughter.

Cashier’s Misclick Brings CA$1m Lotto MAX Windfall

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation scheduled a meeting with the two of them that could make it possible for the winner to receive his prize and celebrate with his loved ones. The prize center in Toronto is now open and working only with specific requests, as to ensure both winners and staff members are protected at all times. This is when the two of them had the chance to reveal more about the lotto win.

Lambton County Resident Bags Lotto 6/49 CA$16m Jackpot

Ms. Wright made the winning purchase because she was finding it hard to come up with a Father’s Day gift. She said that the retired tank cleaner has it all and does not need anything. She decided that a lottery ticket might be the way to go. Ms. Wright made the winning purchase at Hogan Pharmacy on Petrolia Line.
Special Father’s Day
The retail hotspot is now eligible for one percent of the payout and projections are that it will become even more popular than it is. It should be taken into account that Ms. Wright learned that the ticket was a really lucky one after she scanned it with the mobile app.

OLG Keeps Upwards of CA$156m in Lotto Jackpots Safe

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has its advanced OLG Lottery App up for grabs. It allows players to simply scan their tickets and find out whether they win or not in one quick move. The winner’s daughter had to scan the ticket a couple of times before she finally believed that her eyes are not deceiving it.

OLG Seeks Latest Lotto MAX CA$10m Winner

Mr. Wright learned the good news while he was picking out a new vehicle with his son-in-law. In an instant, the two of them had the financial freedom to pick whichever vehicle they want. He made it clear that the money will be put into an investment for the time being and then more plans for the future could be made.