Gateway Casinos Says Further Delays of Negotiations with Workers鈥?Union Could Disrupt Operations

The operator of the four Okanagan casinos which employees are currently on strike, Gateway Casinos, shared that its employees are taking too long to make their proposals in the negotiations between workers and employers. The company also warned that further delays of the process could result in a more serious disruption such as the one which happened at the Coquitlam-located Hard Rock Casino.
Currently, the British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU) represents the casino workers at the Okanagan venues, as well as the employees at the Hard Rock Casino at the bargaining table with the gambling operator.
As previously revealed by Casino Reports, approximately 400 employees of the Hard Rock Casino are being on strike for about two months, while the strike of 700 casino workers in the Okanagan area has been going on since Canada Day weekend.
According to media reports, only after three days into mediation, Gateway Casinos revealed that the company was not satisfied with the wage rates which the workers鈥?union has brought to the bargaining table. The employer also warned the workers鈥?representatives that an alternative of the proposals should be brought sooner than July 20th. The company commented on the workers鈥?demands that their wages should be in line with the living wages, saying that the increase they were seeking was unreasonable.
Tanya Gabara, a spokesperson for the Gateway Casinos, revealed in an e-mail that the union representing the company鈥檚 employees has made a proposal for the wage of a Casino Security officer to be 23% bigger than the starting wage of a trained entry level of an officer at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Ms. Gabara further shared that the requirements of the Service Employees Union for some other positions were comparable to the earnings of school teachers, nurses, and tradespeople.
Negotiations Unaffected by Casino Money Laundering Report
Considering the rift between the positions of Gateway Casinos and the workers鈥?union, the executive vice president of BCGEU 鈥?Doug Kinna 鈥?explained that the employees of the gambling operator are simply asking for what he called an 鈥渋ndustry standard agreement鈥?/strong>. Mr. Kinna said that a few outstanding proposals were made for the employer to respond to, and the workers鈥?union was willing to return to negotiating table any time when the company was ready to respond to the proposals.
Mr. Kinna further noted that rolling out an alternative proposal is a more complex format which can not be made so quickly and will definitely take more time.
Previously, the employer revealed that despite the strike, its casinos were still in operation but not at full capacity.
The disruption in the venues鈥?operation comes at a time when the entire casino industry in the province of British Columbia is put under close monitoring due to the recent allegations of local gambling venues being associated with illegal money laundering schemes. The recently-issued report on the matter even called local casinos 鈥渓aundromats鈥?for washing dirty money. Both Gateway Casinos and the executive vice president of the BCGEU, however, claimed that the report had no negative impact on the negotiations and they were both expecting further recommendations for the industry.

Unifor Casino Workers Give the Nod to New Collective Agreements

Finally, the Unifor members working at Elements Casino Brantford, Casino Ajax and Port Perry-based Great Blue Heron Casino have given the nod to a new collective agreement with the Great Canadian Casinos. The ratified collective agreement is for a four-year period.
The President of Unifor National, Jerry Dias, has shared that the members of the workers’ union who were employed in the country’s gambling sector were crucial for the industry. Mr. Dias praised the employees, saying that they had earned a share of the gains accumulated by the casino employer.
As revealed by Casino Reports, first, a tentative agreement was reached between the Great Canadian Casino Corporation and about 1,800 individuals employed at five of its Ontario casinos. The provisional agreement between the casino operator and the Unifor members from Unifor Local 1090 which has represented the employees at Great Blue Heron Casino and Casino Ajax, and Unifor Local 504 which has represented the employees at Elements Casino Brantford, was reached on July 26th.
Under the new collective agreement, casino workers will see a wage increase in each year of the four-year contract, as well as an 1% increase to the pension. Moreover, the new contract is to make sure that the workers at Casino Ajax would be able to retain the benefits of their union membership after the expansion of the Pickering Casino is finalized.
The Regional Director of Unifor Ontario, Naureen Rizvi confirmed that an agreement about the wage and pension advantage was reached and explained that the protection of union members’ benefits when the employer shifts work to different gambling sites was an advantage of the collective contract.
As far as Unifor members who were working in security at Elements Casino Mohawk and Woodbine Casino are concerned, they voted on the ratification of 3-year collective agreements on July 27th and 28th, respectively.
Collective Agreements Put an End to Strike Action
For the time being, the Great Canadian Casino Corporation (GCCC) employs more than 9,400 Canadian citizens at its 28 properties across the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, as well as in the US state of Washington.
Approximately 1,800 casino workers have been on strike, protesting against their working conditions and mostly against their low wages. The last time when the casino workers have seen a wage increase of 1.75% was almost ten years ago.
This year, the employees of a number of casinos on the territory of Canada have gone on strike, as they have been trying to improve their working conditions. Several months ago, Unifor, which is currently the biggest union in the private sector of Canada managed to reach a collective agreement between about 2,300 workers and the owners of the Caesars Windsor casino, after the employees walked off their jobs after they had turned down a previous tentative agreement.

Deep South Casinos See Ground-Breaking Start of Legal Sports Betting

The Deep South has already seen legalized sports betting services, with the first college football Saturday already passed.
Historically, the Deep South has been a region where gambling on sports has been illegal for about a century. Now, thanks to the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow betting on sports, lifting the federal ban imposed on sports betting by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, it has emerged from the shadows to become a legal gambling option.
The state of Mississippi acted quickly on the US Supreme Court’s ruling, becoming the first and only state from the Southeast region where sports betting offering is legally available up to date. Now, people from the states of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia are heading to Mississippi to take advantage of the first-ever legal sports betting option available in the state.
Currently, the most luxurious sports book in the city of Biloxi is being offered at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. Last Saturday, the venue saw a full range of college football matches kick off, with fans from the Southeast coming to place wagers on their favorite teams.
After the weekend, it became clear that most sports bets were placed on college football, with a massive number of punters “balking”, or placing a wager literally seconds before the official start of a game, seen by the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino.
For the time being, a sportsbook has been opened by seven of the eight casinos situated in the city of Biloxi. According to estimates, dozens of illegal bookmakers still operate on the Coast, and legalization of sports betting services does not necessarily mean they would simply stop working. Some of the locals even think that the legalized sports betting could help the illegal activity spread even more.
Deep South Casinos Remodel Venues into Sportsbooks
The first Saturday with college football betting available saw the biggest wave of legal sports betting in the state of Mississippi to date. The first four hours of legal sports betting offering at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino saw 1,670 bets made, which is about 425 per hour. By 3:00 PM, the overall number of bets reached 3,000 and jumped to 5,598 by close of sports betting offering at 1:00 AM on Sunday morning.
The Vice president of Race and Sports for the parent company of the Beau Rivage – MGM, Jay Rood, commented on the figures, saying that the football season in the state of Mississippi had a start which has never been seen before, especially considering the massive attention SEC schools have received.
The successful roll-out of sportsbook options have been predetermined, as a number of casinos have managed to open their sportsbook establishments in time for the weekend. A wave of renovation and refurbishment works has preceded the opening of the sportsbooks, with the Beau Rivage turning a nightclub into a sports betting facility featuring 245 seats at the beginning of August.
Other casinos also followed. Only a couple of days after that, the Imperial Palace also unveiled a sportsbook lounge, after using an unoccupied corner of a sports bar. Then, the Hard Rock followed on August 17th, using a space on the back of its casino floor, and the Golden Nugget unveiled its sportsbook on August 24th after remodeling a second-floor video poker bar.

Gateway Casinos Gets BCLC Approval for Cascades Casino Delta Construction

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has given the nod to a new casino which is set to be built on the old Delta Town & Country Inn site with construction works set to start at the beginning of 2019.
The casino, called Cascades Casino Delta, is to be operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. The gambling facility which is set to offer 500 slot machines is expected to start operation sometime around the mid-2020. The gambling facility will also offer 24 table games, as well as six electronic table games, and will also include a 124-room hotel, along with meeting space and dining area. According to the owners of the Cascades Casino Delta, the project which has been estimated to CA$70-million will create up to 700 new jobs in the city.
Apart from that, a 10% chunk of the gambling profits generated at the casino will be redirected to the city coffers. Previously, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has projected annual profits of the venue to be in the range from CA$1.5 million to CA$3 million.
Before getting the BCLC approval, the project was first greenlighted by the Delta City Council in May. According to the Council, the only suitable site for the construction of the new gambling facility was the place of the Delta Town and Country Inn, as on one hand, it is situated in close proximity to major transportation corridors and on the other hand, it is far from residential neighborhoods of the town.
Independent Third-Party Mediator Says Richmond’s Objections Are Groundless
It was not an easy ride for Cascades Casino Delta and its owners, as the project for the new casino faced some opposition on its way to the final approval.
As Casino Reports revealed earlier, the municipal neighbor of Delta – the City of Richmond – objected to the opening of the new casino, and more specifically, to the venue’s location, saying that the establishment of such a facility could result in a possible increase in crime rates and traffic congestion. Malcolm Brodie, the Mayor of Richmond has severely criticized the plans for a new casino and said that according to him, such an establishment would have a negative impact on the region.
Richmond’s objection triggered the legislative requirement of BCLC to start a non-binding attempt for the dispute to be resolved by an independent third-party mediator by addressing all issues involved in the objection of Delta’s neighbor city.
Still, according to an independent mediator’s conclusion, which was unveiled as part of a report issued on October 15th, the City of Richmond did not manage to provide adequate supporting documentation to support its claims. At the time when the report in question was issued, the independent mediator Simon Margolis wrote there was not enough evidence which backed Richmond’s claims that the addition of the Cascades Casino Delta would result in significant costs for Delta’s neighbor city.

Winning Streak: Lotto MAX Proves Generosity with a CA$19M Jackpot Split in Two

Lotto MAX was able to surpass the expectations of lottery enthusiasts once again with a grand windfall streak last week. Friday’s regular draw succeeded in matching the expectations and the numbers printed on two tickets that will have to split CA$19 million.
Said lucky pieces of paper were sold on the Prairies, as well as in Ontario and now the two winners will have to make their way to their local Prize Claim Offices and bag their money. Lottery gaming is more riveting than usually expected, as players are willing to explore the vast array of opportunities much more often.
Lotto MAX introduced a groundbreaking change this May, as a second regular weekly draw was added to the picture. This was a significant move since now players have twice as many opportunities of winning big. However, it is not only a positive impact on the overall situation, as players have said that the chances have diminished.
Lotto Jackpot Seeks Winners
Last week was a special one, bringing a windfall over players following weeks of draught and no main prizes claimed. The two tickets that matched all seven of the numbers drawn had been sold on the Prairies and in Ontario.
Those numbers were 4, 11, 20, 22, 37, 44, and 49 and for many of the players, they might have a special significance.  Others might use them in every single draw. The important thing is that two tickets are now eligible for half of the CA$19-million jackpot.
Each of the winners will bag some CA$9,500,000 for matching all the numbers. In addition to that, one ticket managed to match six of the drawn numbers plus the bonus one 13 and this resulted in a cash prize of CA$208,632.80.
There were no MAXMILLION prizes available since Tuesday saw another stellar draw for Lotto MAX. The jackpot for this draw reached CA$65 million following weeks of no winners. Concerns were expressed, as the new cap of the Lotto MAX was placed at CA$70 million and the pace of growth was increasing exponentially.
More Prizes Coming Soon
Tuesday was the lucky day for the owner of a ticket purchased in Quebec who is now eligible for a grand windfall. This is a record lottery jackpot on a national level and all eyes were set on it. Up until last Tuesday, the largest lottery jackpot claimed reached CA$64 million and was part of the Lotto 6/49 game. An Ontario player bagged the fortune in October 2015 going down in history.
For the time being the Quebec player has not contacted Loto-Quebec for their prize and they have less than 52 weeks to make a move. The additional weekly draw seemingly makes the chances of winning a jackpot much bigger, but the reality is different at the moment.
This new era brought the additional number 50 to every draw, essentially worsening the odds of winning the main prize by matching all seven of the drawn numbers. Up until this point, the odds of winning were one in 28 million, whereas at the moment these odds are 1 in 33,294,800.

Alleged Grooms’ Licenses Forging Triggered Hastings Racecourse Arrests

British Columbia is in hot water over the past few days, as an unexpected raid with arrests took place at Hastings Racecourse earlier this week. Now it has been revealed that an undisclosed inspector with the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch is under investigation for the supposed forging of mandatory paperwork allowing foreigners to work at the horse racetrack in Vancouver.
The beginning of this week saw a turn of events that was like something out of a movie. The popular Vancouver racetrack witnessed unexpected arrests conducted by the Canadian Border Services Agency in collaboration with the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch at Hastings Racecourse.
Employees, horse people, and horse owners were in distress after the intimidating situation that witnessed agents targeting Mexican employees of the racetrack and asking them questions regarding their nationality. Some of the people were asked to provide IDs, ultimately seeing 26 of them being cuffed and taken away without explanation.
GPEB Inspector Allegedly Forged Licenses
It is safe to say that this situation has disrupted peace at the racetrack, as the people left behind and the horse owners that have hired those Mexican workers for the live season were told nothing about the nature of the arrests.
Employees were worried sick about their colleagues, telling reporters they do not know when they are going to see them again. Over the past hours, Minister’s Counsel Leanne Millermore disclosed more information on the subject and put an end to all speculations regarding the sudden arrests.
The British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch came across a piece of information suggesting that a Mexican employee might be working at Hastings Racecourse with a registration card that was supposed to be used by another individual.

Hastings Racecourse Witnesses Arrests, Supposed Immigration Protection Act Breach

Brandon Carrion Gomez was informed earlier this summer that he could work at the racecourse as a groom and he followed all mandatory conditions for receiving a license by the GPEB. In this sense, he has nothing to do with the forging, as it allegedly involves an inspector with the GPEB.
Investigation Continues
The official whose identity has not been publicly disclosed, for the time being, has allegedly falsified the documentation by photographing it and swapping it. Mr. Carrion Gomez stated that the mandatory licensing for operation cost him some CA$1,000, which is an unusually high rate for the mandatory documentation. He was among the workers arrested on Monday morning.

VIP River Rock Casino Players Sexual Assaults Draw Attention to Staff Safety

Another Mexican worker at the backstretch did not have the mandatory documents, even though horse owners there have employed him for years. Javier Olalde Angel stated that he was paid biweekly in cash payments of CA$1,000, but he also paid some CA$600 for the proper legal paperwork allowing him to work there. Mr. Carrion Gomez would have to return to Mexico in the foreseeable future.

BCLC Swelled VIP Baccarat Limits despite Watchdog Money Laundering Concerns

The arrests conducted by the agents suggest that there has been a breach of the Customs Act or the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. However, the Canada Border Services Agency has not confirmed that for the time being. The only thing representatives highlighted was that there is an ongoing probe.

Gateway Casinos Gives a Sneak Peek of Diverse Gaming at Western Fair

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is ready to meet the expectations of its gaming patrons and give them a sneak peek of the bright future ahead. When it comes to London, Ontario, this could happen with gaming expansion at its Western Fair gaming hall.
As many as eight table games are about to be introduced to the popular gaming venue, a move that would diversify the local field and pave the way for the upcoming expansion. London is bracing for a brand new casino complex in the foreseeable future, but until its construction reaches its final phase, locals could get a taste of it.
Gateway Casinos is ready to step up its game and bring card games to the local casino scene. This week saw the official launch of table games operation at Western Fair’s gaming venue which has been praised by the community. General Managed Damien de Roux announced the new feature.
Eight Table Games Installed
He clarified that this is something many players have been asking for over the past few years, as it has the potential to make their time spent there even more exciting. It is also a projected magnet for more players hailing from neighboring communities.

London Community Had No Say on Casino as Councilors Fear Delays

At the moment, there are some 750 slot machines available on site which also offer hefty jackpots, but could leave something to be desired. As a result of the gaming expansion on site of the Western Fair gaming hall, 50 new workers have been employed, a positive boost for the local employment market.

London Councilors Vote on CA$75M Starlight Casino Project Tuesday

From here on out, local players would have the opportunity to enjoy card games to the likes of blackjack, baccarat, Mississippi flood, and high-card flush. Locals are about to get a taste of the true Las-Vegas style gaming that is projected to make its way there.

London City Hall Split on Casino, Neighboring Communities Ready to Enter Race

With the new staff additions, their overall number on site swells to 320 members and what they are all looking forward to is their relocation to the new casino complex on Wonderland road.
CA$75M Casino Complex Launches Soon
Starlight Casino London is projected to attract a local crowd, as well as people from neighboring communities, as it is located in the vicinity of Highway 401. The CA$75-million casino complex overseen by Gateway Casinos is projected to relocate all gaming equipment and employees from Western Fair.

Gateway Casinos Envisions Bright London Future, Councilors Still Live in the Past

In addition to that, the new complex is about to welcome 700 more staff members ready to meet the high expectations of casino patrons and people interested in the more family-friendly offerings. When all is said and done, there would be 900 slot machines available on the premises of the casino floor, as well as 40 table games for the players ready to explore card games.

GatewayGIVES Supports London Community after Massive Explosion

It could be recalled that earlier this summer, local councilors stated that the casino expansion should remain focused on Western Fair. Ward 9 Coun. Anna Hopkins and Ward 11 Coun. Stephen Turner stated their position that a casino venue would be best positioned for success at Western Fair District and this is the right thing to do both for the local economy and local horse people. As it is known, the casino operator is no longer interested in pursuing a casino venue within Western Fair.

Lotto MAX Brings CA$40M Pot, While Lotto 6/49 Can’t Stay Away from Winners

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are among the most popular lottery offerings a player could get their hands on, evident by the constantly growing Main prizes and the many additional ones. A Quebec couple is among the most recent winners receiving CA$1,000,000 as a result of their Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase.
This Guaranteed Prize coming with the regular draw was something neither of them could believe. September 14 would forever be remembered as a special day in one Estrie family, as this is when the two locals became the newest lotto millionaires of Quebec.
Raymond Poulin and Francine Tremblay are the couple of lucky players that recently received their windfall following a small investment in a lottery ticket. At first, Mrs. Tremblay found it has to believe that the two of them would soon be millionaires. Her partner revealed the good news late in the evening.
Winners Checked Ticket 20 Times
For many players, lottery offerings are something they follow with religious dedication. Mr. Poulin has been an avid lottery player for many years now, purchasing a Lotto 6/49 ticket ahead of every weekly draw.

Lotto 6/49 Confirms It Keeps on Giving with Three Multimillion Main Prizes Claimed

Just before bed, he does his usual numbers check and makes sure he has not missed any jackpots coming their way. A couple of days ago, he was about to go to bed when he noticed that a Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize has been won in the province.

Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe

This sparked hope within himself and he was quick to check the lottery ticket he had purchased ahead of the September 14 regular draw. The long history he has with Lotto 6/49 made the experience even more special, as he carefully observed the ticket in his hands.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

This is when he realized that the number combination matches the one printed on his ticket, making the couple eligible for a CA$1,000,000 prize. Mr. Poulin approached Mrs. Tremblay and she jokingly asked him whether he was about to announce they are millionaires now. She turned out being right, but neither of them could believe their eyes even after multiple ticket inspections.
Lotto MAX Keeps on Growing
The two of them are planning to embark on a train trip across Canada, as well as dedicate some time for traveling across Italy. At the moment Lotto 6/49 is swelling once again, following several weeks of minimalistic CA$5,000,000 Main prizes. The truth is, players could not keep their hands of the jackpot and on multiple occasions they snatched it before it even reached the CA$10-million mark.

Lotto 6/49 Player Uses Birthday Charm for Ticket Purchase, Wins CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

September 21 comes with a main prize reaching CA$9 million, coming with a single Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize. September 18 came with the most recent Lotto 6/49 draw, once again offering one CA$1-million prize that was claimed by a single ticket.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

In the meantime, Lotto MAX continues swelling and reaching new heights, as players seem to fail to match its number combination. September 20 would see its next regular draw and this time the Main prize is going to amount to CA$40,000,000. Projections are that millions of Canadians are about to buy their Lotto MAX tickets right before the draw takes place.

Gateway Casinos Continue with Full-Time, Part-Time Staff Cuts in Alberta

Grand Villa Casino is among the gaming hotspots in the Edmonton’s area, attracting individuals on a regular basis. Now it has been confirmed that the gaming location is about to lay off some 50 full-time unionized workers in addition to an undisclosed number of non-unionized workers.
In addition to that, the casino venue would also bring changes to its working schedule and reduce it, as United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 communications representative Michael Hughes confirmed.
Alberta’s gaming field is about to join the recent turmoil within Ontario’s casino scene and staff layoffs. According to the official announcement by the labor union, staff cuts are about to take place at the Edmonton casino complex.
This move follows a similar pattern Gateway Casinos and Entertainment introduced earlier this summer at Casino Rama. More than 100 individuals were laid off there, stirring the pot in Ontario.
Casino Staff Cuts Surpass 50 Workers
Up until now, Grand Villa Casino had some 83 full-time employees taking care of the facility and making sure that casino patrons have everything they need for a pleasant casino experience. Now that number is going to be reduced to only 33 full-time workers keeping the casino venue afloat.

Casino Rama Staff Cuts Would Have Negative Repercussions across Orillia

In addition to those, about 60 part-time individuals would also have to make their way out. These numbers concerned unionized workers solely, as it was confirmed by the labor union representing them. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401 protects their rights and sees for their interest.

More Layoffs at Casino Rama, Gateway Casinos Refuses to Disclose Number

However, there are many non-unionized casino staff members that would also have to be laid off, but their number remains undisclosed. Workers were not prepared for the massive layoffs taking place anytime soon.

Casino Rama Remains Uncertain about Ontario 2019 Budget’s Actual Impact

Many of them stated that they were blindsided by the decision, as they were working on new contracts for employment only a couple of month earlier. People expressed their disappointment with the casino operator that built the casino venue in 2016. Some CA$32 million was invested in the casino complex back then and projections were high.
Working Hours Reduction
In order to meet the expectations of a diverse crowd, the Edmonton casino replacing Baccarat Casino offers both gaming and family-friendly offerings. They include 600 slot machines, 28 table games, a central bar, a high-end fish and steak restaurant, a pub and eatery, as well as four fast-food restaurants. Live entertainment events were projected to make the area even more attractive to both locals and people from neighboring communities.

Gateway Casinos Celebrates Grand Opening of Starlight Casino Edmonton

The casino operator made it clear that economic factors have prompted working hours reduction that would see the days Thursday through Sunday welcome casino patrons between 12 p.m. and 1 a.m. Prior to the changes, the casino venue worked from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. all week long. Gateway Casinos Public Relations Director Tanya Gabara clarified that ongoing downtown projects have made it more complicated for many players to make their way to the casino venue.

Alberta Gambling Regulator Lays Down New Rotation Principle for Charity Events at Edmonton Casinos

Earlier this summer, Gateway Casinos announced major staff reduction at Casino Rama in Ontario. The largest tribal casino resort in Ontario had some 70 unionized workers exit the casino staff for good as part of a staff reduction process. The reduction wave has been estimated to reach some 150 individuals laid off including non-unionized workers.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Unveils CA$20m 2020 Live Schedule

Woodbine Mohawk Park is ready for another powerful year of live harness racing to commence. Woodbine Entertainment overseeing the racing location recently issued its live racing schedule for 2020 highlighting everything up for grabs over the following few months of operation. May 9 is about to see the official start of harness racing action with the Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association live race.

Live harness racing aims to meet the expectations of players on a regular basis and the year 2020 would be no exception to this rule. Players across Ontario are in for a treat with another riveting schedule of live events that are about to diversify the weekends over the spring, summer and fall months of this year.
Live Events Back in May

May 16 would also bring another SBOA Stakes event with CA$160,000 waiting for someone to grab them. When all is said and done, upwards of CA$20 million in stakes are going to be up for grabs over the following months of live tournaments. June is also about to become a riveting month for the local horse racing enthusiasts, as the Pepsi North America Cup would take place.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Rings in the New Year with Enhanced Wagers

The event comes with CA$1-million right next to its name. This makes it an even more exciting and lucrative opportunity for three-year-old horses. June 20is about to see the 37th edition of this live race welcoming pacers ready to make it to the top position on the leader board. It should be taken into account that Woodbine Mohawk Park is about to be more generous than other Standardbred racetracks in the US this year.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Welcomes Jimmy Freight Sons, Daughters in 2023

It is about to be the only location to introduce two live races with CA$1-million stakes within 2020. The second event with this colossal sum would take place on September 26. This would be the Mohawk Million event welcoming two-year-olds for the chance to win a big chunk of the cash prizes offered by the Standardbred racetrack.
CA$7m Stakes in September
The event would see its first edition this year, meaning that the levels of participation might increase as it approaches. Other hefty events would transform September into a heated month, as the CA$600,000 Canadian Pacing Derby is about to take place on September 5. The same Saturday is also about to introduce the Maple Leaf Trot event bringing some CA$650,000. Individuals interested in betting would have a riveting month.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Brings Home that We Are Stronger Together

September 12 is about to feature the CA$610,000 William Wellwood Memorial race welcoming two-year-olds for its final. Later on that month, Woodbine Mohawk Park is about to bring forward the Canadian Trotting Classic with stakes of CA$600,000. This race is projected to welcome three-year-old horses for a riveting start. September 26 is also about to witness an exciting event, as the CA$850,000Metro Pace is about to electrify the field.

Woodbine Mohawk Park Breeders Crown Returns with Fine Dining, Charity Donations

Two-year-olds are about to participate in this race for the grand prizes coming with it. The month of September appears to be quite the hefty one, as it would feature stakes amounting to CA$7 million. Canadians are willing to see an improvement in the way the place their bets on live events. They want the legalization of single-event sports wagering following the example of some of the States in America.