COVID-19 Worries Shut Down Alberta Casinos, Bingos

Alberta casinos would have to cease operation for the time being in a state of health emergency and global pandemic. The novel coronavirus has taken its toll on various industries of Canada, the gambling one being among them. Alberta would have to shut down all of its casino venues, in an attempt to flatten the curve and promote social distancing in the most comprehensive manner.

Premier Jason Kenney issued an official statement making it clear that the gambling venues across the province would have to cease operation in relation to the unprecedented situation. The state of emergency declared across the province automatically means that all congregations of upwards of 50 individuals are considered banned and people should practice social distancing in order to curb COVID-19 spread.
The Novel Coronavirus

Casino venues along with the popular bingo halls are about to be shut down for the foreseeable future, leaving people with the online gaming offerings provided by the gaming regulator. Hotspots to the likes of Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer have multiple casinos and bingo halls up for grabs that had been working up until the recent decision.

COVID-19 Safety Measures Cripple Several Manitoban Casinos

Some of them such as Century Downs Racetrack and Casino are adjacent to racetracks, making them even more popular. Keeping the novel coronavirus cases at bay is essential right now. As of March 17, the cases of confirmed COVID-19 amount to 97, with 23 new ones over the past 24 hours. This increase is the largest one so far on a provincial level and it appears that more restrictive measures should be implemented.

BCLC Pulls the Plug on All Casinos, Gaming Halls amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

The Calgary region has 70 cases of the novel coronavirus, whereas Edmonton has confirmed only 20. Most of the individuals that have contracted the virus are self-isolating in their own homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health system of Alberta. Social distancing is the only way the curve could be flattened down the road, experts say.
Social Distancing Recommended
Casino locations across the province were among the popular venues that continued operation despite the growing concerns of COVID-19 spread in Alberta. The beginning of this week saw the conversation at the Calgary City Council. Councilors had something to say on the topic of social isolation and gambling congregations, claiming that the exemption of casinos and bingo venues should be lifted.

COVID-19 Hits Pause on Highly-Popular Loto-Québec VLTs

Schools and universities are closed now, but the casino venues remained open and with improved hygiene policies. Ward 8 Coun. Evan Woolley and Calgary Emergency Management Agency chief Tom Sampson were among the officials supporting a casino shutdown in Alberta. Mr. Sampson even went so far as to point out that the city could shut them down taking into account the provincial social distancing recommendation. The situation is rather dynamic.

B.C. Sees Half of Its Casinos Shut Down Eyeing COVID-19 Outbreak

Ahead of the shutdown decision, Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission also issued a statement claiming that the COVID-19 health crisis is to be reckoned with and its casino venues would be thoroughly cleaned and protected, according to the guidance of Alberta’s chief medical officer of health. In the meantime, provinces to the likes of Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec have already closed their brick-and-mortar casinos.

First Nation Eyes Casino Resort without Gateway Casinos’ Permission

Oneida Nation of the Thames wants to work on a new project involving both gambling and family-friendly offerings but this idea might not see the light of day. This week saw a police raid involving six illegal pot shops associated with the First Nation which discovered a casino resort proposal that has not been publicly announced yet.

The entertainment complex including casino operation triggered a reaction in casino operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment overseeing casino locations in London and Chatham. This is the region where the First Nation is interested in developing too, but this might be impossible, as the casino operator noted. This is because of the exclusivity the casino leader has over the region.
Controversial Situation

Rob Mitchell, Spokesperson for Gateway Casinos, recently spoke on the subject and made it clear that another casino venue would not have a place in the local market. The London region, as well as the entire Southwestern Ontario, is an area where the casino operator has exclusive rights to when it comes to gambling. Tribal casino operations would not be possible without the commercial casino operator’s approval.

Gateway Casinos Still Evaluating Ontario’s Situation

A comprehensive community plan and consultations with the community have been completed, as the tribal nation confirmed. Oneida Nation of the Thames aims to become a majority owner of the project that has been in the works for the past 16 months. Michael J. Malik is the consultant the tribal nation is working with. At the moment, Gateway Casinos oversees the slot location Gateway Casinos London at Western Fair District, as well as Cascades Casino Chatham.

Gateway Casinos Sarnia Ready for a New Gaming Era

The former is about to see its closure in the upcoming years, as the casino operator is working on its well-rounded casino complex which will go by the name of Starlight Casino London. The CA$75-million project saw the initial steps of its construction at the beginning of this year. However, the pinpointed opening date in the summer months of 2021 might be postponed due to the unprecedented situation that hit pause on the gambling world.
Tribal Casino Resort
All construction projects Gateway Casinos oversees at the moment have been put on hold and their timelines are about to noticeably change. The safe reopening of existing brick-and-mortar facilities is of propriety right now. In this sense, the Oneida Nation of the Thames project would not be possible in this region without the explicitly granted permission of the casino operator.

GatewayGIVES Supports London Community after Massive Explosion

It could be recalled that the spring months of 2017 saw Gateway Casinos become the service provider of both North and Southwest Gaming Bundles. This resulted in nine existing properties joining the extensive portfolio of the casino operator. The First Nation proposed project could include a casino venue, hotel towers, an events center, an indoor waterpark, as well as a concert venue.

The Final Chapter: Gateway Casinos Dresden Makes Way for Cascades Casino Chatham

Oneida Chief Jessica Hill stated that Gateway Casinos has its own perspective on the subject. The tribal nation is seeking ways in which it could support its people and establish new businesses in the region. Members of the community have already expressed their opposition to the project.

Alberta Charities Struggle Without In-Person Gambling

Alberta charitable gaming has been put on pause ever since mid-March and this hiatus is expected to inevitably result in great loss for the charity organizations relying on it. Brenda Thiruchelvam of the Edmonton Columbian Choirs, recently pointed out that the lockdown is projected to deal a blow to the non-profit organizations across Alberta.

There are about 20,000n charitable organizations relying on gaming operation on a daily basis, as this is the way they are able to support their projects and continue operation. Over the course of 2018, they managed to amass some CA$347 million with the help of the gaming operation happening regularly. Now those charitable organizations are concerned about the lack of in-person gaming in Alberta.
Lockdown Impact

Ever since mid-March, charitable gaming events at casino venues and bingo halls have been put on hold, as physical distancing is the recommended practice across the Canadian provinces. This means that the otherwise available gambling revenue flow seized and various non-profit organizations quickly experienced the impact of this lockdown. Organizations rely on various events and products.

Alberta’s Charity Gambling Revamp Would Take Years, People Already Worry About Impact

Those include charitable events hosted by Alberta’s casino venues, as well as special events at bingo halls. Their operation is also supported by various raffles and pull tickets players are fond of. Over the past couple of months, such support has been impossible to receive and the organizations recently expressed their worries. Ms. Thiruchelvam made it clear that the Edmonton Columbian Choirs relies on gambling revenue for its regular work.

Alberta Gambling Regulator Lays Down New Rotation Principle for Charity Events at Edmonton Casinos

In 2018, the four choir ensembles managed to amass some CA$105,000 with the help of gambling events of various nature. With the help of this sum, some of the membership fees were no longer needed and individuals that cannot afford to pay them had the chance to continue attending the regular congregations. Now the situation has changed and other resources might have to be found.
Upcoming Months
Regular bingo events overseen by the Edmonton Columbian Choirs take place across the months and they usually reach 14 events per year. Locals know the schedule and look forward to the upcoming exciting gaming congregation, as it gives them the opportunity to meet like-minded people and socialize, while also having the chance to win a cash prize. The month of July was also supposed to bring a regular bingo event.

Alberta Eager for Long-Anticipated Charitable Gaming Model Review Bringing Changes

However, for the time being, that would be impossible, as casino locations have not yet launched operations and in-person gambling. Bruce MacDonald, CEO of Imagine Canada, also pointed out that the unprecedented situation we are in right now directly affects the normal work of charitable organizations, as gambling is one of their main support sources. Imagine Canada unveiled an online survey showing staggering results.

Alberta Players Appear to Be Less Drawn to Charitable Gaming, Revenue Report Shows

Some 70 percent of the charity organizations stated that they have witnessed a slump in their revenue over only a couple of weeks of social distancing and lockdown. The summer months of 2020 are projected to see the gradual reopening of casino venues and gambling halls across Alberta, with the required safety measures implemented.

Father’s Day Gift Results in Lotto 6/49 Millions

Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are the two most popular lottery offerings when it comes to draw-based products. Winners such as Canada’s latest lotto millionaires hailing from Inwood recently bagged their CA$16 million prize. John Wright is the 88-year-old winner who received the special Lotto 6/49 ticket as a gift for Father’s Day from his daughter.

Celebrating this special holiday with loved ones is a coveted memory and tradition that many father look forward to. This year, Melissa Wright decided to give her father a gift that could possibly change his life. The 47-year-old nurse bought him a lottery ticket which ended up being a quite fortunate one, as it became eligible for the Main prize coming with the June 24 draw.
CA$16-million Jackpot

Celebrating the special day happened with the ticker for the June 24 draw that ended up winning more than expected. Along with the Main prize, this Lotto 6/49 ticket became eligible for a small win during the Encore draw coming with the regular one. This is how the jackpot itself swelled to CA$16,058.552.50, an amount that was recently bagged by the winner and his daughter.

Cashier’s Misclick Brings CA$1m Lotto MAX Windfall

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation scheduled a meeting with the two of them that could make it possible for the winner to receive his prize and celebrate with his loved ones. The prize center in Toronto is now open and working only with specific requests, as to ensure both winners and staff members are protected at all times. This is when the two of them had the chance to reveal more about the lotto win.

Lambton County Resident Bags Lotto 6/49 CA$16m Jackpot

Ms. Wright made the winning purchase because she was finding it hard to come up with a Father’s Day gift. She said that the retired tank cleaner has it all and does not need anything. She decided that a lottery ticket might be the way to go. Ms. Wright made the winning purchase at Hogan Pharmacy on Petrolia Line.
Special Father’s Day
The retail hotspot is now eligible for one percent of the payout and projections are that it will become even more popular than it is. It should be taken into account that Ms. Wright learned that the ticket was a really lucky one after she scanned it with the mobile app.

OLG Keeps Upwards of CA$156m in Lotto Jackpots Safe

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has its advanced OLG Lottery App up for grabs. It allows players to simply scan their tickets and find out whether they win or not in one quick move. The winner’s daughter had to scan the ticket a couple of times before she finally believed that her eyes are not deceiving it.

OLG Seeks Latest Lotto MAX CA$10m Winner

Mr. Wright learned the good news while he was picking out a new vehicle with his son-in-law. In an instant, the two of them had the financial freedom to pick whichever vehicle they want. He made it clear that the money will be put into an investment for the time being and then more plans for the future could be made.